Welcome to Rumbletums, a sub-blog work-in-progress by Two Snails.

Rumbletums is to be a blog documenting our adventures with our new Remoska electric oven/pan. We shall be cooking “on the road” in our home on wheels, a Roadtrek 210 Versatile RV campervan (aka Vincent Van Go) which has only two gas rings to cook on and no oven facility. The Remoska will, I hope, allow us to grill, bake and roast.

The intention is to detail recipes that work, as well as those that do not. Existing Remoska resources will be collated and I hope very much that other Remoska users will stop by to leave their comments and contribute their knowledge and recipes.

What is a Remoska?

The Remoska looks like a pan and functions like an oven. Its heating element, which draws very little power, is contained within the pan lid.

The Remoska was originally designed and produced in the Czech Republic sometime around the 1940/1950’s, so long ago, nobody can remember exactly! …

…this simple electric mini-oven, the Remoska, has made a comeback, but simplicity is exactly the reason for its appeal.


Remoska say:

  • The Remoska works just like an oven, except that you cook from cold. It is possible to prepare a whole meal for the family in the Remoska.
  • You can cook ready meals in foil containers; pre-prepared food from frozen; you can defrost and re-heat food.
  • You may place your food directly in the pan or in ovenproof dishes to fit in the Remoska.
  • Wrap portions of food in very lightly greased foil, ideal if you are on a fat free diet – fish particularly remains moist and full of flavour.
  • You can bake in a Remoska – puff pastry rises like a dream, and sponge cakes stay moist.
  • The Remoska probably cooks the best roast chicken you have ever tasted.
  • The Remoska may be used as a ‘Bain Marie’.

How can it possibly work?

The Remoska has no heating controls. The food goes in when the pan is cold. Remoska says that the pan cooks at around 190 degrees Celsius and yet it successfully cooks everything from casseroles to Bread, Puff Pastry and Yorkshire Pudding.

How can this be true?

Well, that is one question that this blog is setting out to discover. Can the claims be true? Can a roast be cooked well and with finesse without fine control? Will pizzas come up light and crisp or dense and soggy-bottomed? Only time will tell.

We promise to tell the truth, warts and all, and with photographic evidence whenever possible.

Save money, time and effort with a Remoska® electric oven

The Remoska is a highly efficient electric mini-oven with a lid that does the cooking. It comes in two sizes – Standard and Grand. Apart from the lid it consists of a Teflon® lined pan and a stand and has a heating element in the lid. The Remoska has a simple on/off switch, no graded heat control and yet it cooks just like, if not better than an oven and is amazingly economical with your electricity (400 watts/240 volts for the Standard Remoska).


A Panacea?

Whatever your reason for toying with the Remoska, whether it be a simple lack of any oven at all or because of environmental consciousness and a desire to maintain a smaller carbon footprint or a lack of funds to pay large electricity bills, the claims are astounding.

In the case of Rumbletums the cost of electricity is not a factor. When we are parked on a site with an Electric Hook-up (EHU) there is a fixed cost. The main concern for us is to draw as little power as possible as an EHU may deliver as little as 6 amps and this needs to supply water heating and possibly space heating too. On a 6 amp EHU there is no scope for  running high powered equipment. The Remoska Grand should draw around 4 amps, so little chance of tripping the supply and causing difficulties

Space is another concern and the Standard Remoska might have been a better purchase for the two of us. There were however only Grand models available at the time of purchase. We may need to resell and swap to the smaller one if it turns out to be too bulky for our wee kitchen.

Again, only time will tell.


(as given by Remoska)


  • 2 litres
  • Dia 24 cm
  • 400 watts
  • About 2 kg

  • 4 litres
  • dia 32
  • 650 Watts
  • About 3 kg

Yes, I am pretty sure that a 2 litre pan would be plenty for our needs.

It cooks better than an oven and is positively miserly with electricity – your oven will hardly need to be switched on. Roast chicken pieces (crispy skin, flesh as soft as butter), succulent lamb chops with golden roasted potatoes, toad-in-the hole and fish bake; toasted sandwiches, baked potatoes, pizzas from frozen, ready meals in their foil dishes; you can even bake light, moist sponge cakes and delicious scones. The pan is coated with Teflon® Classic so it’s easy to clean and, being so compact, it can be packed up and taken anywhere there’s a 240V electricity supply.


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