We recently had two further weeks away in our campervan, taking the Remoska with us. Being without electricity and/or Internet for most of our time away, I failed to keep up to date with our use of the Remoska.

What can I say, other than it comes in jolly useful for warming breakfast Brioche Buns and cooking breakfast Croissants from the freezer!

Yes, that is about the sum extent of the use that I made of it this time.

That said, I can report that I am continuing to familiarise myself with using the Remoska now that we are home. When all is said and done it is nominally Summer now and so the AGA is switched off.

This weekend I tried cooking a whole chicken for our dinner.

The suggested method of roasting a chicken in the Remoska is by using a roasting bag. The chicken is recommended to be 1 Kg or less in weight.

Completely ready-to-cook, with nothing to do whatsoever. £3.99

Lidl sell some remarkably cheap ready-to-cook chickens. When I say “ready-to-cook”, I mean it. These chickens come ready seasoned and flavoured (or stuffed), sitting in a foil roasting tray inside a roasting bag. You literally take them from the ‘fridge and put them into an oven. The cooking time for the oven at 190°C is 1hr 45mins.

One hour and 45 minutes away from a dinner

Fortuitously, the Remoska cooks at around 190°C.

A foil roasting tray contains the chicken inside the sealed roasting bag

Even more so, the foil tray is sized such that it just fits into the Remoska Grand base with only a little judicious bending of the corners.

Like Cinderella’s foot in her glass slipper, it just fits perfectly

I was aiming to serve our meal at half past four, so the Remoska went on at a quarter to three.

Armed with the information that many dishes cook more quickly in the Remoska, I returned to check how things were progressing. At five minutes to four, when I checked the pan, the chicken was already cooked. The bag had become unsealed as the edge had blackened and melted against the pan lid. As this bird was larger than Remoska suggest (I think it was 1.5 Kg), I imagine that bagging a smaller bird yourself would avoid this issue.

Finished in an hour and 5 minutes and looking very appealing

Ample juices in the foil tray form a basis for a tasty gravy.

Roast chicken, parsnip/potato mash, broccoli, stuffing, leek and carrot in a tarragon gravy

I removed the breasts as entire as I could and we had one each, which was definitely more than required. The remainder I left to make at least one further meal.

As you might expect from the price, this is not top flight meat but it is tasty enough and moist and quite acceptable.

Importantly for van cooking, the bird cooks quickly and very cleanly with minimal smell in the van,

I would certainly be happy to cook another of these when we are out on the road and I recommend them perhaps not wholeheartedly but agree that they are a help in balancing the budget if nothing else.


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