Major Remoska experiment today – I have been baking bread.

Bread-making in a small campervan is an interesting experience and I doubt whether I would ever attempt bread from scratch in the way that I make it at home. I have however been carrying around a small packet of bread mix “for emergencies”. Mr Snail had bought a lovely locally-produced Smoked Brie the other day when he walked to Colvend shop. We decided today is the day to eat it and wanted some nice bread to go with it. So, I dispatched both Nell and Mr Snail, rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in.


Wright’s mixes are very reliable. I have used them in the past in bread-making machines.

I USED: a packet of Wright’s Cheese and Onion bread mix, the Remoska and my hands (we don’t carry an electric mixer)


Bread mix, water and elbow grease

I MADE: 8 bread rolls

Eight rolls, ready to bake

I FOLLOWED: the instructions on the packet, more or less, but paid little attention to any actual clock – timing my two and five minutes by the number of songs I listened to on the radio between step in the process. The initial mixing was done with a silicone mixing spoon, then I deployed Richard Bertinet’s no-flour kneading method.  My work surface was the removable front table, which wobbles alarmingly. It did not assist the kneading process. I might have used the kitchen worktop but I find that too high to be ergonomically sound, so wobble it is then.

The rolls went into the cold Remoska.

I forgot to note the time that the rolls went on to cook, so have no idea how long they took. I used my highly practised nosing skills to understand when it was time to remove the lid and check on the bread’s progress. I found the rolls to be browned and crusty on top. The outer ring tapped hollow but the centre roll did not, so I flipped the whole batch over and put the lid back on for five minutes before turning the rolls out to cool.

Ready to eat

They should go well with the smoked brie, a simple tomato and onion salad, and a bottle of beer.


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