On the road with the Remoska

Shortly after returning from the Galway Forest Park we were off again, this time on an extended trip to Ireland. We planned to be away for three weeks and knew that we would have electric hookups from time to time and so we packed the Remoska.

We have been on hook-up for much of this trip (we are still on the road as I write this) and so I have been trying to put the Remoska through its paces. It is time to report back.

We have actually made less use of it than I would have hoped but only because we have tended to buy foods that did not require the use of an oven.

The bottom line verdict: it’s a mixed bag of results. How much of the inconsistency is due to my inexperience and how much is down to the gadget, it is difficult to say at this stage.

We have had wedges, both ordinary and  sweet potatoes; jacket potatoes; pizza; and part-baked baguettes finished in the Remoska.

Successes first.

The Jacket spuds were remarkably good. I treated in the same way as I would for baking in my normal oven – just pierced them then oiled and salted them and dropped them into the pan for an hour and a half. The outers were really crispy and evenly cooked, the insides dry and fluffy. I scooped them out, added cheese, butter and egg and then returned  the filling to the skins and baked them for another twenty minutes until golden and oozy.

Tonight I baked two baguettes of the half-baked variety. They came out beautifully browned and crispy, with the crumb still moist.

Less successful were the wedges. They cook, eventually and even brown a little but I have not yet had success in getting them to crisp. I have tried them on foil on the rack and also loose in the base of the pan. Neither method yielded a wedge that I might be proud of.

The pizzas that we made were okay, but not brilliant. I got things slightly wrong in buying (Lidl) bases that were slightly larger in diameter than the pan. Luckily the bases were flexible and things worked out such that I was able to drop the base in, with the sides slightly raised. This helped to keep the toppings on when extricating the pizza. I used strips of foil crossed in the pan and brought up the sides to make a handled support for easing the pizzas out when cooked.

To make matters worse I used jars of pesto for the saucy part. These were very oily and made things a little soggy.

The first pizza went into the cold pan and took ages to cook. The second went into the hot pan when the first came out and was, I think the more successful as it crisped and browned quite nicely around the edge. It also cooked more quickly and was ready when we had eaten the first.

I plan to use the Remoska tomorrow to make a Cheese Pudding for our dinner. This may happen or it may not. My dinner plans are always somewhat fluid.


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