It works!

The Remoska was delivered last night after Reception closed. The routine here is that the courier delivers to the Duty Warden’s lodge, so we did not receive our parcel until this morning. It arrived in a huge box and I wobbled visibly.

I have no photographs due to being unable to include such a large box in the field of view or obtain a focus at the limited distance available to me in the van.

Inside the Lakeland box, the Remoska box was decidedly smaller but still appeared too large for comfort. Indeed, once unpacked the device appeared to be enormous. Certainly larger than expected as the quoted diameter of 31 cm applies only to the circular pan. Add to that the width of the two pan handles plus the length of the lid handle and the whole appliance seems worryingly large.

Refurbished it may be but there are no visible signs of being pre-used. parts are missing. The Instruction Booklet is slightly dog-eared. Overall, a pleasing purchase considering the huge saving on cost.

I washed the pan as instructed and then set about finding a home for it and am happy to report that it fits neatly into one of my two kitchen drawers and without ousting any of my other pans. I cannot fit the pan stand into a drawer however so will need to affix a hook somewhere in order to hang it up out of the way.

Obviously, with  being a graded item, we needed an early test to ensure that it was working properly in case of any need to return – so lunch today was a toasted cheese and onion sandwich.

We had purchased the wire rack, so making the sandwiches was a straightforward matter. Mr Snail made the sandwiches (Slices of white bread from a Warburton’s small Toastie, with Lockerbie Cheddar and onions, both sliced thinly. He buttered the inside of the sandwich and seasoned with some chilli garlic salt) whilst I set up the Remoska and preheated it.

I was happy to see the red light come on and after a very little while I felt the lid gingerly and found it warm to the touch.

Yes, my Remoska works!

As the instructions say that the pan must not be empty when heated, I had added a little water in the bottom. This then led to a measure of juggling when it came time to add the sandwiches. In short, I needed the covered sink area for the pan and had nowhere left to drain the water. Sliding the pan to one side so that I could use the sink meant that there was then nowhere to put the lid down safely. It was tricky but I managed.

How long did I pre-heat for? Sorry, I don’t know, just until Mr Snail had made the first sandwich, which I promptly popped onto the rack.

Of course, as the element is not bare, the grilling process is more of a baking one. The top of the sandwich turned crispy but remained white. It was in this state at the point when I realised that I did not need to cook one at a time and that the second sandwich would fit alongside the first… in it went.

I turned the sandwiches just as the outer edges were browning. The second side browned relatively quickly – and evenly. I turned them over again to brown the first side and found that this process had begun. Cheese was already bubbling from the first sandwich and so I left them for only a minute or so before serving.

How long did they take? Sorry again, I failed to time them. If I had to guess I would say 15 to 20 minutes but I do suspect that this time could have been shortened with a longer pre-heat period.

They were very tasty and very crispy sandwiches, far better than the soggy version that we have been used to in the van (toast made in the toaster, turned into cheese sandwiches and then nuked briefly in the microwave.)

The bread did not have the characteristic flavour of proper toast but the cooking process seemed to bring out the sweetness in the bread somehow. It tasted good, just a little difference. And did I mention how crispy they were?

Sorry, no photos, we were hungry and just dove in.

If I were to make changes next time:

  • longer pre-heat
  • butter the outside of the bread thinly, instead of adding butter to the inside

My suspicion is that buttering the outer surface will speed up the browning process and also produce a sandwich reminiscent of the ones made in a sandwich toasting machine.

Next time, I promise that I will use a timer and report back.





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