Roaming with the Remarkable Remoska

The Remoska electric oven, from the Czech Republic, has been around for many years and has many dedicated fans – especially in the Caravanning and Motorhoming community, one which we joined recently with all the gleeful abandon of the freshly retired.

We were living in a 31 foot RV, which had a usable kitchen that included gas and electric combi ovens in addition to a three ring hob. We swapped a couple of months ago to a more sprightly and easier to park 22 foot Roadtrek van conversion that sports just two gas burners and a tiny under-powered microwave. We have grown tired of one-pot meals and want to extend our culinary repertoire. Most of all we miss oven-cooked meals.

We decided to buy a Remoska.

Sold in the UK only through Lakeland, the Remoska is remarkably expensive for what it is;  a pan with a heating element in the lid. Previously we had toyed with the idea of purchasing one but always backed out. Yet so many happy users cannot be wrong, can they? Nobody ever seems to complain that their Remoska was not worth its price. We would waver, look again… back out.

Then we found the graded items on sale on eBay. £100 off the new price but with a 12 month guarantee? I should say so! Sold to the Lady in the Van without a second glance. Now, if only she knew what to do with it. Hence this blog.

It is my hope that other Remoska users will happen by and choose to share their tips, hints and recipes and that Rumbletums can become a useful source of Remoska information. Until such time please feel free to share my adventures and mis-adventures with my new gadget.

Read more about the Remoska and this blog

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